Russia has staked its claim as one of the five worst countries in the world for pensioners, according to a new report.

The Natixis Global Retirement Index ranks Russia 40th out of 43 countries worldwide — below Turkey, China, and Mexico.

Only Brazil, Greece, and India have an even lower score.

Russia had a similar ranking last year, but its general score dropped by one percent, from 46 to 45 percent — with a 100 percent score representing the best conditions for pensioners.

The top three positions in the index are occupied by Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland. The U.S. ranks 17th.

The index takes into account 18 indicators across four sub-indexes: pension finance, material wellbeing, quality of life and health.

Since 2016, Russia worsened its position within the categories of “material well-being” (35th place) and “health” (42nd place) but increased in “quality of life” (36th place) and “finance” (43rd place).

Russia also has one of the lowest life expectancies out of the countries polled.

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