46-year-old Oleg Kharitonov set off from Moscow on 20 August 2014

A Russian biker has covered 110,000 kilometers solo on his motorbike reaching Africa’s south cape halfway around the world.

On Sunday, Oleg Kharitonov arrived at the Russian Orthodox Church near Johannesburg, South Africa.

The 46-year-old set off from Moscow on 20 August 2014. He rode east across Russia, circled around South East Asia, travelled around Europe and further on to Africa, heading from Morocco to South Africa. Kharitonov has visited 61 countries so far.

“I felt like doing impossible things, like testing myself and feeling the world first-hand,” he told TASS, giving reasons for his marathon ride.

In Africa, the traveler has gone through a few ordeals.

“It used to be frightening. I was hurled with stones, beaten by sticks and held at knifepoint,” Kharitonov said. “My guardian angel has shown what could happen but protected me.”

The biker spends nights either in his tent or at cheap hotels.

“But it is better when your compatriots give you shelter for a night,” he added.

The traveler’s bike was “assembled by Russian masters from various parts particularly for his travels.”

The Russian Motorcycling Federation provides support to the adventurous biker. By plane, he is due to cross the Atlantic for Argentina, where Cape Horn is his destination. Afterwards, Kharitonov will head to the central regions along the western coast and then to Alaska. After crossing the Bering Strait, the biker will ride home around Russia. In late August 2018, he plans to finish the travels covering a total of 150,000-170,000 kilometers for four years.

“On September 1, I will be taking my daughter to school for her first day,” he said.