The Gazprom Group implemented the Grozny TPP construction project in the framework of the capacity supply agreement system, as stipulated in the Russian Government’s Order No. 238-r dated February 16, 2015, and Order No. 2636-r dated November 28, 2017.

The Group’s CSA-based program envisages, inter alia, the construction and upgrading of generating facilities with the aggregate capacity of about 9 GW, including 17 combined cycle power units, 5 steam power units, 8 hydropower units, and 6 gas turbine units.

The Grozny TPP consists of two power units based on gas turbines and generators manufactured by Siemens. The first power unit was brought into operation in December 2018. The second power unit is equipped with the newest model of the gas turbine.

The TPP’s construction process was particularly focused on integrating Russian technological systems and equipment, including automation and relay protection systems, dry fan cooling towers, exhaust stacks with an emission monitoring system, gas treatment and chemical water treatment equipment, and electrical components of switchgear.