Sergey Shnurov

Brand Realism: a Retrospective

The most fun exhibit currently on view
in Moscow is at the Tverskoy Boulevard
branch of the Moscow Museum of Modern
Art. It’s “Brand Realism: a Retrospective”
by Sergey Shnurov a.k.a. Shnur, frontman
of the band Leningrad, pop-rock hooligans
from St. Petersburg. Sergey Shnurov
doesn’t paint anymore, but he comes up
with a concept which is then realized by a
team of artists. Apparently brand realism,
a genre invented by Shnur, is a direct
descendant of pop-art so there are lots of
portraits “a la Warhol” – from rock singer
Zemfira to notorious State Duma Deputy
Vitaly Milonov. There’s a bit of everything
at the exhibition including installations
with street art, paintings and colored screen shots from Leningrad videos.
There’s also skulls, penises, a Coca-cola
coffin and references to artists from Marc
Chagall to Damien Hirst.
Until July 12