Last week Snob magazine hosted its “Made in Russia” awards for the seventh time. And since Snob is celebrating its ten-year anniversary this year, the ceremony, which took place at the Historical Museum on Red Square, had special significance.

The “Made in Russia” prizes are awarded to the best that was produced in the fields of culture, science, business, and society during the past year. The winners were decided by the readers of Snob, who voted online for nominees selected by an expert committee.

Marina Gevorkian, Snob’s CEO, noted that the nominees and winners of the “Made in Russia” awards are “changing the life of our country for the better. We hope that someday they will be celebrated on the other side of the Red Square” – meaning, of course, the space occupied by the Kremlin.

The organizers turned the ceremony into an interactive theater performance devoted to Snob’s most prominent stories and interviews reported over the last ten years, including those by film director Alexander Sokurov, businessman and philanthropist Mikhail Khodorkovsky, physicist Sergey Kapitsa and many others.

Director Savva Savelyev installed a catwalk in the middle of the hall where the postmodernist performance took place. Interviews were given new interpretations in many genres — from a rave to a rap concert to a reading by an actor. Some of the performers were very young — just ten years old when Snob was launched.

And the winners are…

In the nomination called “Big Country,” Natalia Fishman from Kazan was awarded for her “Program for Public Spaces Development in the Republic of Tatarstan.” Over the past four years, Fishman oversaw the creation of 315 parks, embankments, boulevards and squares in 60 cities and villages of Tatarstan.