— At the Winter Theater

Crescendo Festival

July 20-21

An annual festival organized by world-renowned Russian classical pianist Denis Matsuev. Both established and younger Russian classical musicians will perform on the stage of the Winter Theater.

— At the Summer Theater


June 27

Na-Na, one of the most popular bands of the 1990s and one of the first boy bands in Russia, comes to Sochi with their famous show. You’ll get to hear all of the bands greatest hits, including “Faina” and “Eskimo and Papua.”

— At the Hall of Organ and Chamber Music

From Handel to Scorpions

June 3

Vladimir Korolevsky plays the organ.

Happy are Only Those Whose Hearts are Singing

June 8

Joint performance by the Necheporenko Orchestra of Folk Instruments and the Lubo Ensemble of Cossack Song.

From the Collection of Masterpieces

June 10

Mikhail Pavaly plays the organ.

Music from Famous Films

June 15

Concert by the Sochi Symphony Orchestra with chief conductor Oleg Soldatov.

As the Organ Plays

June 16

Mikhail Pavaly plays the organ.

Music from the Cathedrals of Europe

June 17

Mikhail Pavaly plays the organ.

— At the Olympic Park


Aug. 2

Timati, one of the most popular rap artists in Russia, the founder of Black Star label, will give a big concert in Sochi, part of his Generation tour. The show will focus on Timati’s hits from the last five years, as well as earlier material. His colleagues from the Black Star label might put in guest appearances, too. Don’t miss it.


Aug. 19

Basta is considered by many to be Russia’s top hip-hop musician of the past decade. Basta’s real name is Vasily Vakulenko and he’s known to perform under different stage names (Noggano is the most famous of those). Basta is not just a musician he’s the godfather of a whole new generation of rappers who have now signed on to his record label, Gazgolder. In short, other guest appearances are quite possible.

— At the Roza Khutor

Livefest Summer

Aug. 10-11

LiveFest is a music festival up in the mountains, where you can escape the summer heat of the coast. The headliners are Zemfira, one of the most popular Russian singer-songwriters, and Anton Belyaev aka Therr Maitz, who skyrocketed to fame after making it to the semi-finals in “Golos,” the Russian version of the hit reality show “The Voice.” Among others are Delfin, a rapper-turned-poet and electronic musician, and Pompeya, pioneers of Russian indie-rock and synth-pop and one of the most successful Russian bands that sings in English.

Tickets from 3500 rubles (cable car included)

Ulitsa Olimpiyskaya livefest.ru

Getting there

Olympic park

Tickets from 1600 rubles

Adler District icebergbilety.ru

Sochi Art Museum

Open Tuesday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Tickets 300 rubles

Kurortny Prospekt, 51 russianmuseums.info/ M1607

Summer Theater

Tickets from 800 rubles

Chernomorskaya Ulitsa, 11 letniy-teatr.ru

Winter Theater

Tickets from 800 rubles

Teatralnaya Ulitsa, 2 skfo.online

Sochi State Circus

Tickets from 800 rubles

Ulitsa Deputatskaya, 8 circus-sochi.ru

Hall of Organ and Chamber Music

Tickets from 250 rubles

Kurortny Prospekt, 32 skfo.online