Strelna is located about 22,5 km from St. Petersburg and overlooking the south shore of the Gulf of Finland. Strelna was favorite site for Peterburgers’ summer residences during 19th century. It was Strelna where the so-called “dachas” (summer cottages) of A.Suvorov-Rymniksky, A.Orlov, A.Lyvov, M. Kshessinsky were situated. The lanscapes of Strelna inspired A.Odoevsky, A.Griboedov, K.Romanov, A.Block and J.Brodsky. Everything here breathes with poetry, attractive landscapes with embayed coasts, channels and bridges, small hills and deep ravins, boskets of century old trees.

Strelna is remarkable not only for its scenic landscapes, but also for the magnificent palace and park ensembles of XVIII-XIX centuries full of unique stories. The main two ensambles of Strelna are the stone Konstantin Palace with a regilar park and the wooden Peter I Palace which is much older. The Flower (Podlipsky) Garden with a large stone greenhouse, Pchelnikov and Trekov meadows, Konstantin’s grove, Her Majesty’s and Children gardens, the English park are located between the Konstantin palace and the Peter the Great Palace. The parks, gardens and palaces of Strelna are set facing the gulf, so Strelna as well as Peterhof is considered to be a see residence. Strelna belonged to the royal family in XVIII century and in XIX century its owners became the grand dukes named “Konstantinovichy”.

Strelna was almost destroyed during World War II. Only in 1987 part of the Strelna ensemble with a wooden palace was granted to the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve. After a large renovation the Palace of Peter I was opend to public in 1999.