Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) launched the joint international Master’s Degree Programme «Nuclear Science and Technology» developed in cooperation with the Supreme Council of the Universities of Egypt with the support of ROSATOM. 

This is the joint international English-language modular Master’s Degree Programme. The uniqueness of the programme lies in the possibility for students to receive their nuclear education in different specializations within the framework of one educational programme, such as “Nuclear medicine”, “Nuclear power engineering”, “Safety, security  and non-proliferation of nuclear materials”.

At the beginning of 2018, the programme was introduced in preliminary form to the Supreme Council of the Universities of Egypt and aroused the interest among the Egyptian colleagues. ROSATOM assisted Egyptian students in obtaining the opportunity to study on the programme within the framework of the scholarships of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. In December 2018, the first Egyptian students began to study in two modules (trajectories) of the master’s programme – “Nuclear Power Engineering” and “Nuclear Medicine”.

The Students of the “Nuclear Power Engineering” module, having obtained their general practical skills in the TPU laboratories, will carry out practice-oriented projects using the equipment and facilities of the TPU’s operating nuclear research reactor. The students of the “Nuclear Medicine” module receive part of their training in the laboratories of the Siberian State Medical University, the partner of the programme. The students are supposed to carry out the research and practical projects in the field of radiotherapy and radiodiagnostic. In addition, the students enrolled on this module will do their research work in the laboratory of radiopharmaceuticals production of the TPU nuclear research reactor. 

Furthermore, at the request of the Egyptian side, Egyptian students receive a very intensive Russian language training to acquire basic communicative skills. In February 2019, the students will join the Discussion club of the Russian language and culture and become a part of its international community. 

We hope that this joint program started in 2018 will develop both in the number of modules (trajectories) of training and in the increasing number of Egyptian students who will come to study in Tomsk.