On September 16, 2019 Unit 2 of Novovoronezh Phase II completed 15-day comprehensive trials of the equipment or so-called commissioning tests. The new innovative power unit ran fault-free at 100% capacity during the entire testing period.

“We completed commissioning tests of the new power unit strictly on schedule. Results of the comprehensive trials speak about safe and reliable operation of its equipment and all systems. By present, the power unit is ready for commissioning and carrying stable load as designed,” Vladimir Povarov, Novovoronezh Plant Manager, stressed.  

To remind, on May 1, 2019 the second innovative power unit was connected to the unified power grid of the country for the first time. Over 4.5 months it was brought to power at all stages of the first power and pilot commercial operation. Specialists carried out several hundreds of various tests, inspections and start-up and adjustment activities. They became the final stage of the pilot commercial operation and allowed passing to the next stage, i.e. the commissioning of the new power unit.

Now, the new power unit, along with start-up facilities, will be subjected to the acceptance commission and commission of Rostechnadzor and then the final commissioning permit will be issued by ROSATOM.

“Over the period elapsed from the first power we carried out tests associated with confirming readiness of the power unit equipment to pass through all operating modes which may happen during the entire service life. This means 60 years for our power unit. The key time to obtain the operating permit is the beginning of November. We hope to accomplish this task and work hard to solve it,” Igor Gusev, Deputy Chief Engineer for Phase IV Operations of Novovoronezh NPP, noted.

The commissioning of Unit 2 of Novovoronezh Phase II will raise total power capacity of the plant by 1.5 times, give a giant impetus to the economic development of Voronezh Region, increase the gross regional product (GNP) and, by expert assessments, fill the regional budget with about RUB 1 bln as the property tax already in 2020.

For information:

Innovative power units of Generation III+ have improved technical and economic parameters which ensure absolute safety in operation. They utilize most advanced achievements and developments. The main feature of the power unit with VVER-1200 reactor is the unique combination of active and passive safety systems which make a NPP maximally robust to external and internal impacts. The passive system characteristic feature is their capability to operate in a blackout and without involvement of the operator. A power unit with a VVER-1200 uses the “core catcher” which serves for confinement of the nuclear reactor core melt, the passive heat removal system through steam generators (PHRS SG) which is called for removing heat, in long term, from the reactor core in conditions of unavailability of all power sources etc.