Parks, Train Stations, Squares

With over 300 events going on in the city on Victory Day, Moscow will be awash with retro cars, costumes, songs, and dancing. The main city parks will welcome veterans and revelers. Gorky Park, one of the places veterans traditionally gather on May 9, will host an all-day event “Letters From the Front.” The park in front of the Bolshoi Theater is another traditional meeting place; bring some flowers for the last veterans who will be there and enjoy the all-day concerts. Hermitage Park will have lots of dancing. Izmailovo and VDNKH will have many programs for adults and children, but to meet veterans and learn more about the war, go to Sokolniki, which will host a small procession of veterans at noon, and Park Pobedy, which will be filled with events, music, and activities.

This year train stations will be outdoor concert halls: Belorussky, Rizhsky and Kazansky train stations will have concerts and other events from noon until the evening fireworks display.

The city center will be essentially one grand event site. In particular, looks for songs, plays and other events — with lots for kids — on Kamergersky Pereulok. If you want to try food from a field kitchen, go to Ploshchad Revolyutsia from noon until 7 p.m. for buckwheat groats and… buckwheat groats. The department store TsUM and the Arbat are good places to visit if you have kids who need entertaining — there will be all kinds of hands-on activities, classes, contests, and games. And Triumfalnaya Ploshchad — by the monument to poet Vladimir Mayakovsky on Tverskaya Ulitsa — will be the film site of the TV show «Military Secret» for REN-TV from noon until evening, with a schedule full of music, dancing, contests, and games, and a concert at 5 p.m.

For more information in Russian, see the city site.