Ensembles of New Dwelling Houses in Staraya and Novaya Derevnya (Old Village and New Village)

Saint Peterburg

These new houses were erected near the Primorsky Prospect mostly after the war by the architects O. I. Guryev, V. M. Fromzel, P. V. Kurochkin and others; they gave the region of the Old Village and the New Village the air of a picturesque, leafy little town. The small two- and three-storey buildings are finished with great taste, in a style which might be called a transition from urban to suburban. The houses are provided with all kinds of modern accomodation, gas included. The ground floors are occupied by communal and service establishments.
Recently a new well-built thoroughfare—Savuhkina Dlitsa — has been laid out in this region. Gmspicuous among the four- and five-storey buildings, each impressive in its architecture, are I lie new cinema Yunost (Youth) and a boarding school.
At present nothing reminds you of the pre-re-vnlutionary Staraya Derevnya (Old Village) — lormerly a district of noblemen’s mansions and icslaurants of dubious reputation.


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