European wooden house

“Dutch portrait” Russian house.
What creative accomplishments inspires our reality foreign architects – many find to be interesting and relevant. House, created by Dutch architect and his Russian counterpart, is interesting because being performed by the ancient Russian tradition of wood and in the midst of this ancient forest, he at the same time clearly represents something European: visual quality, elegance and some special sense of freedom space.

wooden house
A large stone fireplace.

The authors of the project: architects of Agricultural Verschuren, Century Krikunov

This house is an excellent example of the combination of simplicity and harmony. In its architectural concept fully into account the fact that it is located in the forest that embraces, on the background of slender pines, the house looks genuinely magnificent, as nature itself. The spectacular façade gives an idea about the space. But, despite its impressive size, the house does not seem heavy: many glass surfaces give it the appearance of lightness and generally make the very modern.

Light  house.
Light wooden house

To get into the house in two ways: either through the main entrance, facing the driveway to the house, either through linking its impressive size terrace directly into the living room. Inside the house is spacious, all rooms are located on two levels, and center natural is a magnificent double-height living room, which overlooks the forest with its large Windows. In addition, a spacious living room with an open fireplace is a perspective inside the house on one side and a protrusion in the form of a two-storey Bay Windows with the opposite. Living room is connected in a common space with kitchen. On the second floor is well placed bedrooms and a well-lit room with exit to the balcony.

Light interior
Light wood interior.

During construction, special attention was paid to the selection of finishing materials and quality of work on finishing the interior walls of the building. The appearance of the kitchen looks particularly elegant through the four Windows located visavis and direct the flow of light towards each other, which creates an impressive effect. And for more comfort and convenience in the kitchen, bathrooms and hallway was equipped with a heated floor.

The combination of decorative stone that decorated
The combination of decorative stone that decorated the Foundation blends well with the wood siding of the house.

The main element to enrich the appearance and interior of the home, as well as architectural means of forming scale composition of facades and its metro-rhythmical articulation is the Bay window. The facade of the house, like rolling waves, stands out relief and lack boring straightness. Primarily this is achieved through the Bay window. The basic functionality of Bay – area enlargement and enrichment of the interior, improving lighting conditions and insolation areas. Bay window enhances the psychological comfort of home, extends the review and strengthen the relationship of the house with magnificent natural surroundings.

only the tree..
Nothing superfluous, only the tree.

The impression that this house has taken root, “has taken root in the environment, as if born to the surrounding picturesque forest. The combination of saturated color green with wooden walls and a very nice look; this contrast does not cause a dramatic emotions, but on the contrary, relaxes and adjusts for a comfortable stay, far from the bustle of the city. This is the area of Europe in the Russian woods.

Large bright loggia
Large bright loggia semi-oval shape.

E. Ustinova, photo A. Shevchenko

The plan of the attic
Plan 1 floor The plan of the attic

Total area – 369,2 m2 1st floor – 196,6 m2 Living room – 60,9 m2 Kitchen-dining room and 29.6 m2 Cabinet,3 m2 Spalnya,3 m2 Hall is 24.4 mg EN – 10,2 m2 Dressing room – 5,9 m2 Bathroom – 3,9 m2 Boiler room/Laundry room – 8,2 m2 Porch – 10,9 m2 attic – 172,6 m2 Hall – 27,4 m2 Bedroom 31,2; 22,3 m2 Billiard – 29.5 m2 Bathroom 10,2; 10,2 m2 Gallerybar – 38,2 m2






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