Finnish wooden house company “Honka”

cabin in the woods

The author and interior design and architect O. Makovetsky. The design and construction of the “Honka” Furniture gallery “Mistletoe”


Selected by the customer as a reference design for its suburban residence house of the Finnish company “Honka” with its balconies, spacious verandas and a large number of glazed surfaces gave opportunities panoramic view of the wonderful landscape, surrounded by a building: a gentle slope leading down to the Volga river, the river itself and the wide open spaces.

Landscaping surrounded by pine trees area of more than hectares, overlooking the river, was engaged in company “Russian Lawns and Flowers of White Cottages”. Very beautiful terrain additionally raznoobrazen different kinds of stones. The whole area is designed as an alternation of large open spaces that host a Japanese garden, a Finnish bath, a decorative cart with flowers, well.



Finnish cottage

For was based on the project type “house on the slope: three-storey house is only from the side of the main facade, facing the Volga river, while at the rear it appears to be two-story. But the height of the natural slope was not enough, so it was artificially increased.

The architect almost not made any changes in the basic equipment of the house from the Finnish company “Honka”.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna in the cottage

Finnish sauna
Finnish sauna with a pitched roof

A large stone fireplace

A large stone fireplace looks impressive on the background light wood.

The wooden interior

The wooden interior of the Finnish cottage






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