House # 6 on St. Minin.

St. Minin

St. Minin on the map

House # 6 on St. Minin on the map

House # 6 on St. Minin. In 1914. the house of the widow Fomina bought honorary citizen of the city of Murom in the merchant of the first Guild Alexey Zworykin for a family of his daughter. My daughter’s husband – Konstantin Konstantinovich Chahchiany was a doctor, a specialist on the most various diseases. Chahchiany took people of all classes. On the ground floor there was a reception, which heated the air heater. Patients of Dr. Princess were Кугушева, merchants, neighbors commoners. Went to Чахчиани even V.P. Chkalov. Now in the house №6 is placed Nizhny Novgorod.






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