Apple Inc. detailed the user data it’s storing in Russia to comply with a local law that took effect in 2015, according to a recent filing with the Russian government.

Apple users in the region have data including their name, delivery address, email address and phone number stored on servers in Russia. The company said it collects that information for customer service and to send users information on new products, according to the filing.


The filing doesn’t mention more personal data such as messages, documents, photos, and contacts that are often saved on Apple’s iCloud service. However, it does say that Apple stores more information about its Russian employees in the country. Details include: workers’ Russian passport numbers along with place and time of issuance; permanent and temporary addresses; history of work evaluations; and information about income, according to the filing.

Apple agreed to put some information into a server warehouse in Russia that’s operated by IXcellerate, Russian publication Kommersant reported in 2015.

Last year, Apple was criticized for complying with Chinese law requiring the local storage of iCloud accounts for users in that country. The user data stored in Russia are more limited. Foreign Policy magazine said last week that Russian counterterrorism laws could make it easier for the government there to compel Apple to decrypt and hand over other user data to security services.