The first stage of shift personnel changeover at Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy is completed. From June 4 to 7, more than 200 people started their work at remote gas and gas condensate production sites after a two-week medical observation period at the places of temporary accommodation.<o:p>

This was preceded by an extended and mandatory rotational leave coupled with additional safety measures imposed at the company for the period of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. All of these steps, from medical monitoring at collection points to picking up employees in Novy Urengoy to sending them to production sites, were arranged in compliance with the requisite measures for preventing the new coronavirus from spreading to the production facilities.

Mandatory medical observation of the employees arriving at Yamal is one of the anti-coronavirus measures taken by the regional government. While staying at the places of temporary accommodation, the employees received hot meals three times a day, with their personal preferences and diet restrictions taken into account, and were provided with personal protective equipment and disinfectants. The doctors of the company’s Medical Unit were also present at the temporary accommodation places so that the health parameters and condition of the staff arriving by plane from other regions could be monitored scrupulously every day.

“The first stage of shift personnel changeover is completed; I can say that the changeover of our personnel in today’s complicated circumstances has been successful,” said Alexey Frolov, Head of the Urengoyskoye Gas Production Directorate at Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy. “All issues were addressed in the normal course of work and quite promptly. As of now, preparations for the 2020–2021 autumn/winter period have commenced at our production facilities. We have an extensive set of activities to be implemented for the check and repair of process equipment, as well as the equipment of heat and water supply systems. These works are the required minimum which is to be done in summer, so that we could work undisturbedly all year long after that.”

The shift period will last for the three summer months. The gas production staff members begin their work in a positive spirit. “We are all full of energy and ready to start performing our duties. Everyone treats the current situation with understanding, and we are grateful to the Company’s management for the extensive work that has been done to provide the required rooms, accommodation places, meals and necessary amenities during the period of mandatory self-isolation,” said Roman Nadraga, Head of Gas Production Workshop No. 12 at the Urengoyskoye Gas Production Directorate, before starting his shift.

The employees who have completed their three-month shift are returning home now. Another shift team of gas production workers is coming to Novy Urengoy, and the rooms in the places of temporary accommodation are becoming occupied again. After all required medical procedures and preventive measures, 235 more employees of the company will be placed under a two-week medical observation.


Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gazprom, was set up to develop the Urengoyskoye oil, gas and condensate field. Its production infrastructure consists of 22 comprehensive gas treatment units, two oil production sites, 20 booster compressor stations, five gas cooling stations, more than 2,800 production wells, two compressor stations for the utilization of associated petroleum gas, and a pump station for condensate delivery.<o:p>

The company employs more than 12,000 people. Its headquarters are located in the city of Novy Urengoy.

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