Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, Christian Bruch, Executive Vice President and CEO of Linde Engineering, and John van der Velden, Managing Director of Linde Engineering, today signed at the 9th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum the Joint Venture Contract and Joint Venture Participants Agreement between Gazprom 335 and Linde AG.

In accordance with the document, the parties will create a joint engineering venture to develop process, design and engineering documentation for natural gas processing and liquefaction facilities in Russia. In addition, the companies plan to provide services for the commissioning and operation of LNG plants.


Linde AG (part of Linde Plc) is one of the world’s largest companies focused on industrial technologies for natural gas treatment and separation with the recovery of ethane, propane and heavier hydrocarbon fractions. The company, inter alia, supplies the Amur Gas Processing Plant with the core process equipment for cryogenic recovery of helium and valuable petrochemical substances from gas.

Linde Engineering is an engineering and technical subdivision of Linde AG.

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