Anton Nossik, a Russian Internet entrepreneur who is often referred to as the godfather of the Russian Internet, died on Saturday night.

Nossik, 51, was with friends at a dacha when he suffered a sudden heart attack during the night of July 9, his wife confirmed to RT on Sunday. A prominent public figure and blogger, the news of Nossik’s death was met with shock on social media.

“It’s impossible to believe,” opposition politician Ilya Yashin wrote on Twitter. “Rest in peace, my friend.”

“The biggest help right now is not to heckle his family,” media entrepeneur Damyan Kudryavtsev, a close acquaintance of Nossik, wrote on Facebook.”The time and place of his funeral will be announced later.”

“Anton Nossik has died. What a misfortune. He was still so young,”
reacted opposition activist Alexei Navalny on Twitter. “Just yesterday we wrote
each other to meet and now … [He was] a wonderful, intelligent person.”