Liflandskaya Dlitsa, 8 (8, Liflandskaya Street).

The Park named after the 30th Anniversary of the Young Communist League, where a Monument to the Heroes of Krasnodon has been erected, is imbued with the memory of the revolutionary past of the Narvskaya Zastava. It was here, in the former Yekateringofsky Garden, that revolutionary meetings and mayovkas (pre-revolutionary illegal May Day political rallies) were held at the close of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century.
In January 1956 a monument was set up in the central alley of the park (by the sculptors V. I. Mukhin, V. I. Agibalov and V. K. Fedchenko) in memory of the heroic exploits of the Komsomol members of the Krasnodon underground organization The Young Guard during the Great Patriotic War.