Moscow University

Time for Study

Time for Study
In winter as you well know, the school and academic year is in full being. It is the best season to find out what the Soviet educational system is like.
Soviet people thirst tremendously for knowledge. One of every four studies in one way or other. And among the students you find men and women of all ages, trades and professions. After all education is free and needy students receive scholarship stipends.
The characteristic silhouette of the Moscow University on Sparrow Hills, the Russia’s biggest institution of higher learning, can be glimpsed from afar. This stately spire-topped pile rises up above the capital and the entire Russian plain, as a symbol of the breath-taking upward flight of Russian science.
Scientific advancement presents a clue to the Russia’s superlative achievements in unraveling the mysteries of the atom, breaking through into outer space and boosting economy generally. The country employs today 4 million specialists having a higher education. If you want to know what the latest industrial, agricultural scientific or cultural achievements are like, you must visit the exhibition that is called the Russia Exhibition of Economic Achievements.





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