from 28 November 2016 to 31 December 2019

The exhibition is based on the original objects from the unique collection of the museum, which have never been displayed before at such scale.

Displayed are historical relics discovered during archaeological excavations, maps and plans, paintings, graphics and works of applied art. All these items carefully preserve the spirit of old St Petersburg and its dwellers.

Since 1900s, Style Modern prevailed in the mass production of items of everyday use. Curvilinear forms and semiabstract floral motifs, characteristic traits of the new style, was used in the furniture finish, patterns of stained-glass windows, designs for ladies accessories, and glass, ceramics and metal items. At that time, the once popular Viennese furniture of bent wood became en vogue again and could be seen decorating private apartments, as well as interiors of public institutions.

The formation of Style Modern coincided with electrification of residential houses – electric lightings came into use. Light sources could be turned at different angles, which made it possible to create lightings of absolutely new original forms. Brass fittings of the ceiling lightings were often decorated with a fringe of fabric, beads or bugle beads.