At the ATOMEXPO 2019 the Rosatom Corporate Academy held a roundtable discussion entitled “Next Generation Nuclear: A Partnership for Development”

At the 11th ATOMEXPO 2019 International Forum, the Rosatom Corporate Academy held a roundtable discussion entitled “Next Generation Nuclear: A Partnership for Development”.

Providing nuclear industry enterprises with qualified personnel is crucial for the efficient and safe functioning of the industry. The roundtable experts representing the European Nuclear Education Network, ITER Organization, the International Youth Nuclear Congress, Universum, Goodnight Consulting, Rosatom Academy, noted the urgent challenges for the entire global nuclear community: the reduction in the number of young specialists, the lack of technical and scientific personnel, the decline in the popularity of engineering professions. It is necessary to work together with the industry, governments and educational centers to change the existing trends: to jointly determine the areas of work together with the new generation of the nuclear industry specialists, to promote the development of a culture of partnership, cross-functional interaction and person-centeredness.

The special focus of the discussion was on the topic of partnership as one of the leading values of the young generation. In order to maintain a high level of competition for the best staff, organizations must not only embrace a culture of partnership, but also act as reliable partners for each other in attracting young employees.

Yulia Uzhakina, Director General of the Rosatom Academy, noted: “Believing in partnership, in the unifying and inspiring idea is extremely important for the industry. We are making great efforts to strengthen the partnership both within Rosatom and with other organizations. We pay special attention to young people, more than 80,000 employees of Rosatom are under the age of 35. We use various tools to increase their involvement: Youth Council of Rosatom, the Talent Pool, AtomSkills championships. We need to work on our partnering relations on a permanent basis, thus ensuring sustainable development.”






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