The Medieval Bestiary
Dragon /draco major/ 10.1X7.7 cm
Dating back to Pliny /VIII.II.ll —13/ and Solinus /25.10—13/, the story of the dragon strangling the elephant had come all through the Middle Ages /Isidor, XII.IV.4—5; Pseudo Hugh, 11.24; Guillaume le Clerc, 2221—2238; Albert the Great, XXV.II.27; Brunetto Latini, I.V.142/. The text of the bestiary is close to the description given by Isidor. The dragon is the largest of all snakes, and of all living beings. Its strength is not in its venom but in the huge tail which it throws round his prey to strangle it. The dragon is likened to the image of the Devil, the greatest of all snakes.





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