“Dream Island” Moscow

About project

Unique composition of facilities
Land plot area: 100 ha
Total area of the covered part: more than 300,000 sq. m
Landscape park: 44 ha
Indoor theme amusement park
Multifunctional concert hall: 3,500 seats
Multiplex for 17 halls
Embankment with promenade: 2 km long
Hotel 4* including 410 rooms
Children’s yacht school
Parking for 4,000 cars
Transport accessibility of the project

Unique location
“Dream Island” is located in Nagatinskaya Poyma on the bank of the Moskva River, at the intersection of Andropov Prospect with the Third Ring Road (TRR).
Convenient transport accessibility from any point of Moscow by personal or public transport:
► ten-minute drive from the Kremlin
► three-minute drive from the TRR
► within the walking distance from metro station “Tekhnopark” and the Southern river port
transport interchange hubs “ZIL” and “Avtozavodskaya” (Moscow Central Railway Ring)

Location characteristics
“Dream Island” is being constructed within the formerly abandoned site of the capital being adjacent to the Moskva River.
► New exit from metro station “Tekhnopark” (Zamoskvoretskaya metro line) is to be arranged within the well-furnished park area
► New bridge over the Moskva River will connect Andropov Prospect with Volgogradsky Prospect
► New transport interchange stations “Tekhnopark”
and “Avtozavodskaya” will be constructed by the opening date of “Dream Island”
One million square meters of residential property are being under construction in the proximity to the park

The catchment areas and the visitor traffic potential
During its first year “Dream Island” will host 50 million people with the first indoor theme park accounting for 7.5 million guests

“Dream Island” key facilities
In the center of “Dream Island” under the roof there is a real city, picturesque shopping streets, central square and the world architectural sites, including the Colosseum, Casa Batllo in Barcelona, etc. There is a cinema (for 17 halls), multifunctional concert and exhibition hall, restaurants, food-court, souvenir shops and baby-goods stores here.
Undisputed centre of guest attraction is indoor theme amusement park marked by unique national colour, which evokes the atmosphere of various famous national and international cartoons.
Large well-furnished landscape park for the city dwellers and visitors of the capital
The unique concert hall is located in a separate building on the bank of the Moskva River. Thanks to the show programs, musical and dancing events, that will be organized, the city dwellers will be able to enjoy the performances of the most popular artists, musicians and dancing teams.
The embankment of the Moskva River is being reconstructed into a very comfortable promenade area with numerous riverfront cafes and restaurants. Yacht school will be open for children and their parents.
A large, modern hotel for Dream Island visitors will top off the new facilities being built riverside.

The main square

City promenade
«Dream Island» will encompass a real city where the guests will be able to stay deep into the night. Despite the weather conditions, one can always have a pleasant and fun time here, chat with friends or have some rest with family, have a bite in the food court area or have dinner in the themed restaurant, have a wander round the shops, take photos against the Colosseum, buy gifts for children and have a ride on a real London bus. And the main square, being as big as a football field, accommodates a cinema, multifunctional concert and exhibition hall, public garden, fountains, merry-go-round for little kids, cafes and restaurants under one glass dome

Central city square, as big as a football field
Multifunctional concert and exhibition hall for 3,500 visitors
Rides for children
Cinema for 17 halls
Atrium dome 35 m high

Indoor theme park

All-season indoor theme amusement park is a unique combination of experience in the construction of the world’s best amusement parks, fantastic atmosphere of popular animated blockbusters and a distinctly Russian flavor created through resorting to favourite heroes of national cartoons.
The unique theme and magnitude make the Park a vivid touristic attraction of Moscow.
More than 40 various amusement activities, including 27 unique media-attractions and rides, specially designed for different age groups of visitors: Flying theatre «On the Wings of the Wind», 4D Media library «Snow Queen Library», Rollercoaster with VR content «Race of future» and many others.
The guests will be able to enjoy:
►- Spectacular performances and interactive shows
► Themed souvenir shops
► Themed cafes and restaurants with dietary menus
Ample opportunities for organization of happy family holidays

“Hotel Transylvania’ themed area
“Snow Queen’s castle” themed area
«The Smurfs» themed area
«Mowgli in the Dino Land» themed area
«Hello kitty cafe» themed area
«Teenage mutant ninja turtles» themed area

Landscape park
A well-landscaped natural park occupying an area of 44 hectares will perfectly blend in with the Dream Island complex.
For the purposes of guests’ convenience the Park will be developed based on the world’s best landscaping trends. Land Milano, the Italian architectural bureau, has implemented the time spending options for all intents and purposes taking into account the interests of all guests.
The landscape park will feature:
Sports and children’s areas
Open cinema
Artificial pond with fountains

Music shows and concert programs

Being favourably located near the city centre, the new concert hall will enhance the cultural life of the capital. Tours of the world-known stars, performances of popular artists, musical shows and festivals will make it a new cultural center of the capital

A multifunctional concert hall seating 3,500
Transformable stage
Separate parking

Embankment and hotel
The embankment and the adjacent bank line of the Moskva River belonging to «Dream Island» are planned to be developed with extensive support of the Government of Moscow.
The formerly abandoned embankment will be transformed into a comfortable promenade with best view cafes and restaurants. The embankment will also include the yacht club for children and a modern four-star hotel for Moscow guests.

A lot of parks have been created in Moscow — playgrounds, sports grounds, but the city lacks a large world-class theme park. About 2 million children and teenagers live in the Moscow region, such a park will undoubtedly be in demand. Dream Island is the world’s largest indoor theme park with a capacity of about 12 million people per year. I hope that next year it will welcome its first visitors. The availability of such a park will create a new center of attraction for Moscow, raise the level of all the surrounding areas and their status, it’s very important for the polycentric development of the city
Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin

The project provides a unique concept of city walk that will combine the best brands from around the world, there will be about 250 shops and more than 50 restaurant concepts. The main idea of the city walk’s organization is the creation of the typical street atmosphere of big cities. For this purpose, more than 100 unique facades of famous cities — Barcelona, Rome, London and Moscow. There will be a central square the size of 1.5 football stadiums where it will be possible to host the largest city events all year round. We create as improved space for businesses — from small to international chain brands and new public urban area.

Board member of Regions Group Alik Mutsoev

I am sure that visiting the park with your children, seeing their sincere smile, you will be truly happy parents! The best way to raise children well is to help give them happiness, and our project will be able to help you please your loved ones at any time of the year, regardless of the weather. Children are our future. Only thanks to them we started the Dream Island project.
Board member of Regions Group Amiran Mutsoev