Freight volume via NSR was about 35 mln tons in 2021

“Final results have been summed up as regards freight volume via the Northern Sea Route (NSR) in 2021. It was 34.85 mln tons,” Maksim Kulinko, Deputy Director of ROSATOM’s NSR Directorate, said. This is nearly 2 mln tons more than in 2020, when 32.97 mln tons were transported.

The data has been confirmed by FSBE NSR Administration, which reports to Rosmorrechflot of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

To remind, in 2016 freight volume via NSR was 7.47 mln tons. For the first time it exceeded indicators achieved in the USSR when 6.57 mln tons were transported via NSR in 1987. Since 2018, when ROSATOM was designated to be the infrastructure operator of NSR and supervisor of the federal project “Northern Sea Route Development”, freight volume via NSR has increased nearly twice.

According to the federal project “Northern Sea Route Development”, the target of 32 mln tons should have been achieved until the end of 2021.

For information:

The goal of the federal project “Northern Sea Route Development” is to create infrastructure which facilitates growth of freight volume up to 80 mln tons in 2024 and 110 mln tons by 2030, as well as an increase in total through capacity of seaports up to 110 and 115 mln tons, respectively. It is part of the Integrated Plan of Modernization and Expansion of Trunk Infrastructure developed in accordance with presidential decree No. 204 of May 7, 2018 “On the National Goals and Strategic Objectives of Development of the Russian Federation until 2024”.






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