If Russia Chooses a Different Course, The U.K. Will Respond in Kind (Op-ed)

Russia’s actions are intended to undermine international institutions and rules, which are in place to keep everyone safe. Now, these safeguards are under threat from Russia’s actions. It will not be possible to have a normal political relationship with the government of a country which behaves in this way and whose agents attack us.

But the United Kingdom is not seeking confrontation with Russia. In fact, as Prime Minister Theresa May has made clear, we are open to a different relationship. One that brings benefit to the people of both countries, where we work together in support of international peace and security.

We want to work together with Russia, as permanent members of the UN Security Council, to fulfill responsibilities we share and to confront common challenges that we face.

We already have the foundations for a better relationship that can be built on. We have a commercial relationship worth over £10 billion ($12.7) annually, where British and Russian companies work together to improve prosperity in both our countries.