Installation of Reactor Pressure Vessel Dry Shielding Completed on Kudankulam NPP Unit 3 (India)

On the site of Kudankulam NPP Unit 3 under construction, Indian contractor Larsen & Toubro (L&T, India), under technical support of Russian experts, completed the works on installation into position of the reactor pressure vessel Dry Shielding.

Dry Shielding is a cylindrical shield in metal cladding filled with serpentine concrete and located around the reactor pressure vessel. This structure serves for the neutron flux attenuation, and facilitates prevention of overheating of the reinforced concrete reactor pit structure.


Works on Dry Shielding preparation for installation are completed in time as scheduled. The equipment was manufactured at Tiazhmash JSC in Syzran town. The cylindrical shield filled with serpentine concrete weighs 140 tons.

Installation of the reactor pressure vessel Dry Shielding is an essential process operation on the critical path of the Unit construction time schedule. After completion of it, the installation of the reactor support truss and other assembly operations are performed, which are followed by the installation of the reactor pressure vessel into position.

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