Limited Off-Road Lada Hits the Russian Market as Sanctions Limit Modern Features

Russia’s Avtovaz automaker will revive the classic three-door Lada Niva Legend, the sanctions-hit company announced Monday.

Known for its simplicity and durability since the Soviet period, the Niva Legend’s Classic 2022 configuration is hitting the market with a limited number of 1,800 vehicles and a price tag of 800,000 rubles ($13,600).

“We’re glad to expand the choice of Lada cars by resuming production of our legendary off-road vehicle in the Classic ’22 configuration,” Dmitry Kostromin, Avtovaz vice president for sales and marketing, said in the company’s statement.

“Lada Niva Legend represents the unique combination of cross-country ability, design, comfort and fittings,” Kostromin said in a press release.

Most of Avtovaz’s assembly lines stopped running after Western sanctions in retaliation to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this year disrupted deliveries of foreign-made parts.

Avtovaz president Maxim Sokolov had vowed earlier that 95% of the Lada Niva’s components would be domestically manufactured.

The automaker’s announcement follows widespread reports of other Lada vehicles being produced without airbags and air conditioning systems in addition to the acute shortage of foreign components.

Avtovaz’s announcement of Lada Niva Legend Classic 2022 sales made no mention of whether the cars will be equipped with airbags, air conditioning systems and other modern features.






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