ROSATOM and Other Russian IT Companies use Expo-2020 to Announce Plans for Teamwork on Global Market

Russian IT companies working together with ROSATOM and the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation (Russian Digital Ministry) are prepared to expand the international markets presence of their digital solutions and products.

The potential for expanding the global markets presence of Russian IT solution was discussed by participants of the Russian Breakthrough Digital Solutions for Public Sector and Industry Session organized by ROSATOM at Expo-2020 in Dubai on January 23, 2022.

The following people participated in the Session: Deputy Russian Digital Minister Maxim Parshin, Russian-Emirates Business Council Executive Director Aleksei Busev; Top Systems Ltd., PJSC Positive Group, ABBYY, and Postgres Professional company executives.


Deputy Russian Digital Minister Maxim Parshin noted that promoting the export of Russian IT solutions, technologies, and products is one of the priorities of the Russian executive branch and Digital Ministry. “It has been a year since the tax maneuver; Russia is now one of the most favorable countries in the world for the IT community and IT industry. The corporate tax rate and insurance premiums were reduced to 3% and 7.6% respectively. It is worth mentioning that Russian products are also in demand abroad; preliminary data suggests an 18% – or more than $6 billion – increase in IT exports in 2021. We believe this area of focus is a truly breakthrough one for us,” he explained.

Chief Digital Officer of ROSATOM Ekaterina Solntseva emphasized that ROSATOM develops a wide variety of products for the nuclear industry and actively interacts with its IT industry partners both on Russian and global markets; ROSATOM intends to present integrated Russian digital solutions on the international stage. “Russia is the world leader in NPP construction; it is fair to say that we are a global nuclear industry leading player. We do believe a similar breakthrough is possible in the digital industry. ROSATOM has unique experience implementing comprehensive technology projects abroad; together with Russian companies that had already achieved substantial technological results it will be able to offer the global market competitive solutions and products. And this is exactly what we have in mind.”

The participants paid a lot of attention to mathematical modelling systems, promising cybersecurity technologies, digital products for project management during major construction project, software solutions for creating digital twins and product digital mockups, database management systems projects, solutions in intellectual information processing and business process analysis, and text recognition and linguistics. This is but a small part of the breakthrough digital products and solutions that ROSATOM is prepared to promote on the international markets together with Russian IT companies.

ROSATOM’s Logos mathematical modelling system is the basis for a platform for integrating Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software of many Russian developers. Having had success using it within the Russian nuclear industry, ROSATOM is planning to become a global market leading player in САЕ systems for the global nuclear industry. The activity of the CAD / CAE consortium created in 2021 is to become one of substantial factors for the global IT market rollout of competitive Russian mathematical modelling and computer-aided design systems; the consortium will increase the number of Russian participant-developers of such engineering software.

Cybersecurity is becoming a factor of state sovereignty in today’s world. Truly effective cybersecurity must ensure strategic sovereignty of the new digital world, guaranteeing that risk events and scenarios intolerable to states and companies cannot occur. When coming up with export offers, leading Russian IT companies together with the state and major Russian technology corporations focus on ensuring such sovereignty by creating technologies, solutions, and end solutions that help achieve this goal.

Expo-2020 participants noted the high potential for demand of Multi-D products – a digital project of the ROSATOM engineering group of subsidiaries that is based on ROSATOM’s own project management methodology – on the international market. The Multi-D digital platform – and products based on it – proved effective in the support of end-to-end construction management of major construction projects (including the design, procurement, and construction stages).


Vice President for Digitalization and IT of ROSATOM’s engineering group of subsidiaries Olga Tolstunova said: “ROSATOM develops new business areas of focus, including by means of digital products. The Multi-D platform makes it possible to bring major construction project implementation to an entirely new level. It is primarily focused on catering to the needs of NPP construction; as such, it gives new competitive differentiators to market players of the petroleum, energy, infrastructural and civil engineering, mining, and transportation industries.”

Rosatom Mathematical Modelling Director Dmitry Fomichev commented: “We believe that our Logos САЕ software product has all the necessary functionality and services; it is verified and validated according to an international standard methodology. It is also certified by the Russian community from the point of view of its application in the nuclear industry; we are working on being able to tackle even more complicated simulation tasks in the future. We are very optimistic about perspectives for international cooperation in mathematical modelling and believe Russian САЕ systems are in demand on the international market. We are working on building relationships with foreign companies, as well as with Russian and foreign universities training mathematical modelling and supercomputer technology specialists.”

For reference:

ROSATOM a global technological multibusiness group of companies with assets in energy, mechanical engineering, and construction industries. It has been implementing ROSATOM’s Nuclear Industry Standard Digital Strategy (NISDS) since 2018; work in various areas of focus within different fields is being done as part of NISDS. In the Participation in Digitalization of Russia area of focus, ROSATOM is: the competence center for the Digital Technologies federal project of the Russian Digital Economy national program; responsible for creating Russian quantum computer by 2024; coperformer – along with the Rostec State Corporation – on the New Industrial Technologies high-tech area of focus roadmap. In the Digital Products area of focus, ROSATOM is developing and commercializing digital products for industrial enterprises. 15 digital products were rolled out on the market between 2018 and 2021; six more are to be rolled out in 2022. In the Internal Digitalization area of focus. ROSATOM digitizes NPP construction processes, ensures digital import substitution, and creates ROSATOM’s Nuclear Industry Standard Digital Platform. ROSATOM’s NISDS also includes development of end-to-end digital technologies (including data handling technologies, internet of things, industrial technologies, virtual and augmented reality, neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence, wireless technologies, robotics and sensorics, etc.).






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