ROSATOM Introduces Supplier Code of Conduct

ROSATOM has introduced its Supplier Code of Conduct (in Russian). The Code is aimed at setting ROSATOM priorities in the sphere of sustainable development for its suppliers including those in the field of environmental and labor safety, social policy, labor rights, and transparency.

Commitment of a supplier to ROSATOM’s Code of Conduct is voluntary and involves formal notification and further self-assessment by a supplier in terms of its maturity of corporate practices in sustainable development.

“Supply chain management is a key pillar of business sustainability. Supplier Codes of Conduct are widely used worldwide and are being adopted in Russia. Introducing ROSATOM Supplier Code of Conduct will require better communication with suppliers which implies among other things clarification of key sustainability principles and approaches, but which should not complicate the procurement process or make it less transparent”, noted Polina Lion, Head of Sustainable Development Department at ROSATOM. 


Since October 2020, ROSATOM has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact and has adhered in its activities to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact related to human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. In its activity ROSATOM is guided by the global agenda in the field of sustainable development and contributes to the achievement of the UN sustainable development goals (SDG).  The UN Global Compact calls on its participants not only to improve internal processes in sustainable development, but also to ensure the sustainability of supply chain, including analysis and monitoring of suppliers in terms of compliance of their processes with environmental, social and ethical requirements in sustainable development. The Code has been developed to implement ROSATOM’s obligations under the UN Global Compact and the Unified Industry Policy on Sustainable Development of ROSATOM and its organizations. It presupposes supply chain sustainability requirements throughout the entire product life cycle, raising awareness of suppliers about sustainable development, engaging ROSATOM suppliers in contributing to the UN SDGs achievement, collecting and analyzing information on the maturity of suppliers’ corporate practices in sustainable development.






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