ROSATOM signed the contracts for supply of medical isotopes to Armenia and Kazakhstan

Isotope JSC (included into Rusatom Healthcare JSC Division) signed new contracts for supply of technetium-99m generators GT-5K to the Republic of Armenia and germanium-68/ gallium-68 generators to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The first lot of technetium-99m generators GT-5K with banks was delivered to Isotope Production Center CJSC in Yerevan at the end of February. This is the sixth medical institution in Armenia using the Russian radioisotopic products of ROSATOM. Technetium-99m generators GT-5K are used for diagnostics of oncological, cardiological, neuroendocrinal and other diseases in the course of single-photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT). Technetium-99m is the most requested isotope for nuclear medicine, and more than 80% of diagnostics procedures are based on it.

In 2023 Isotope JSC is planning to supply germanium-68/ gallium-68 (68Ge/68Ga) generators to Kazakhstan. Radionuclides produced with the use of a germanium-68/ gallium-68 generator are applied in the advanced medical diagnostics of oncological diseases, particularly in the course of positron-emission tomography.

For information:

Isotope JSC (included into Rusatom Healthcare JSC Division) is the sector-wide integrator in circulation and promotion of isotopic products manufactured by ROSATOM enterprises as well as the major supplier of radiopharmaceuticals and other isotopic products to medical institutions in Russia and abroad. It consolidates the industrial competences and references aimed at development and promotion of isotopic products, particularly radiopharmaceuticals, for the needs of nuclear medicine, industry and research. In 2023 Isotope JSC will celebrate the 65-th anniversary of its foundation.

Radioisotopic medical products of ROSATOM enable to perform about 2.5 million of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in Russia and abroad. Diagnostics with the use of radiopharmaceutical products provides the possibility for early detection of any diseases and timely commencement of therapy.






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