ROSATOM takes part in the Nuclear Trade and Technology Exchange international conference (Brazil)

Rio de Janeiro, 4 May. – ROSATOM takes part in the Nuclear Trade and Technology Exchange international conference (NT2E) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on May 3–5.

Kirill Komarov, First Deputy Director General for Development and International Business, took part at the conference as the head of the ROSATOM delegation and spoke on “The role of nuclear energy in investments in green energy” at the panel discussion.

“Nuclear energy is a sustainable source of energy with minimum sensitivity to external fluctuations. Even if uranium prices grow, this will not significantly affect the final electricity cost, since the uranium share in the total pricing does not exceed 3%. Today we can see that the atom is interesting for investors. Rosatom project for the construction of 4 floating nuclear power plants in Russia is a case in point. Rosatom has a 40-year contract with respect to the project which means a fixed price for the customer for the next 4 decades, and the opportunity for strategic economic planning for half a century ahead for Rosatom as a manufacturer” noted Kirill Komarov.

Kirill Komarov pointed out the role of state support for nuclear projects: “There are several world leaders in the construction of nuclear power plants including China, India, Russia and some countries of the Arab world. The governments of all these countries provide their considerable support to nuclear projects while also directly participating in their implementation. The nuclear energy development is surely impossible without government support.”

ROSATOM has been on the Latin American market for many years. The first Brazil-Russia nuclear agreement was signed in 1993, and the countries have been developing their cooperation for more than 30 years. Rosatom has been one of the major suppliers of isotope products for the Brazilian nuclear medicine for several years. In addition, the countries have been actively developing their cooperation in the nuclear fuel cycle in recent years. The negotiations on the sidelines of NT2E resulted in new agreements conclusion.

“ROSATOM keeps on developing its cooperation with the Brazilian company INB in the supply of uranium products. Last year we won an international tender and signed a uranium enrichment contract. Today, another contract for the supply of natural uranium was signed in Rio de Janeiro,” said Kirill Komarov at the signing ceremony.

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Nuclear NT2E is the biggest event of the nuclear industry in Latin America held every two years. The Forum brings together the major market players from around the world. This year, such companies as ENBPar, Eletronuclear, Holtec, Amazul, Andrade Gutierrez, Nuclep, BNDES, Sebrae and Framatome participated in the event. Nuclear NT2E is organized by the Brazilian Association for the Development of Nuclear Activities (ABDAN).






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