Rosneft Increases Exchange Small-Scale Wholesale of Motor Fuels by 74% in 2018

In 2018, Rosneft sold over 180,000 tonnes of motor fuels in open exchange small-scale wholesale. This is a 74% increase compared to the level of 2017.

The increase in the exchange small-scale wholesale segment was made possible with the active policy of the Company aimed at development of the segment, as well as at creation of up-to-date exchange tools and formation of the transparent market for petroleum-based products.

In order to popularize the small-scale wholesales at the exchange, Rosneft together with SPIMEX held exchange seminars in Khabarovsk, Chelyabinsk, and Yaroslavl. The seminars covered modern trends of the small-scale wholesale market and buyers’ options of purchasing fuels at the organized exchange trading.

Rosneft is eager to develop the small-scale motor-fuel market and applies the marketing tools as follows:

  • Direct-contract fuel sales from oil depots;
  • Long-term contract fuel sales in fixed volumes;
  • Fuel sales in exchange trading;
  • Fuel sales upon winning public and private tenders.

In 2018, the Company’s marketing entities took part in over 10,000 tenders opened by state contractors and limited companies. Upon that, 500,000 tonnes of motor fuels worth over 20 billion roubles in total were delivered to the buyers.

Note for Editors:

Rosneft does exchange small-scale sales of motor fuels in 28 regions of the Russian Federation, also through its subsidiaries.

The use of the exchange tool at selling of motor fuels allows creating independent price indicators on regional markets, provides for an impartial access of customers to oil products, and increases the liquidity of the small-scale oil-product market.

In 2018, Rosneft increased motor fuels (Euro 5 gasoline and diesel) wholesale supply to the Russian market by 5%, to 28.7 million tonnes. Over the past year, during the main trading session at Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX), the Company sold 5.6 million tonnes of motor fuels that represent more than 43% of the exchange sales volume. This number is the highest among all producing companies at SPIMEX.

As a responsible participant of exchange trading, Rosneft sells large amounts of gasoline and diesel, which significantly exceed the exchange standards. In 12 months of 2018, Rosneft sold 22.9% of its total gasoline output (with the standard of 10%), and 8.9% of its total diesel output (with the standard of 5%) on the exchange.

The operating activities of the Company in the motor fuels sales are primarily focused on satisfying the domestic demand.

February 25, 2019






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