Russian Judge Under Fire for Extravagant $2M Wedding Party

In a video leaked to REN TV, pop singers Valery Meladze and Nikolai Baskov, among others, appear on stage hosting the wedding. Iconic crooner Josef Kobzon and pop diva Vera Brezhneva were also invited to the party.

The marriage celebrations took place in Krasnodar’s most expensive restaurant, the Galich Hall. The celebrities are believed to have been paid about 400,000 euros to attend.

According to Khakhaleva’s income declaration, she earned 2,641,000 rubles ($43,300) in 2016.

Khakhaleva responded to growing public outrage with the explanation that her ex-husband, whom she called “a big entrepreneur,” organized the wedding.

The ex-husband is of Georgian heritage and the celebrities who attended the wedding, many of them also with Georgian roots, attended as his friends, Khakhaleva told the state-funded news outlet Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

The judge also refuted claims that the wedding cost $2 million and that the newlyweds received a Bentley as a gift.

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists that the Kremlin has taken note of the situation, but added that it is not its “prerogative” to react to it, the RBC news outlet reported.