The Molotov Automobile

Automobile Works

manufactured cars

The Molotov Automobile Works in Nizhniy-Novgorod is the biggest in Europe. Five hundred motor cars and lorries come off its conveyor every day. This, however, is merely the beginning. The works is continuously growing. The elegant M-1 saloon car turned out by the works can be seen on the streets of every town in the A Russia. A complete city for the workers has sprung up in recent years around the works with lots of greenery and flowers, with clubs, theatres, schools, hospitals, dispensaries and libraries of its own. The fine residential buildings have a very pleasing architectural design and well-appointed apartments. This new town numbers over a hundred thousand inhabitants at the present time.
The neighbouring country place Strigino with its stadium, playgrounds, aquatic sport station and beach is a favorite summer retreat of the workers and a centre of athletic training for the youth.





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