Volga Shipping Lines

Russian river Volga

Volga Shipping Lines

Volga shipping lines were founded in 1843. Today it is >he largest transportation enterprise in the country. It guarantees economic activities and meets transportation requirements of five republics in the Volga river basin and of 11 major industrial regions with a population exceeding 60 million people. Our freighters carry cargoes to and from ports of the Mediterranean, Black, Caspian and Baltic Seas.
The network of our navigation routes comes close to 6000 km, including 1530 km of river reservoirs and canals, 1800 km of main lines.
Volga shipping lines imply:
— 17 major river ports and 16 industrial enterprises;
— freighting 110 million tons and carrying 50 million passengers annually; handling 180 million tons of cargoes; manufacturing produce of machine engineering, shipbuilding and repair work that.
Volga shipping lines also mean:
luxurious passenger liners;
– high-speed fleet;
– sophisticated freighters and barge trains, as well as sea-river going ships;
materials, salt, fertilizers, cars, consumer goods;.
Volga shipping lines
– employ highly skilled experts, excellent navigators, mechanics, dockers;
– maintain business relations with dozens of research institutes and enterprises inside the country and abroad,
Volga shipping lines safeguard jobs from all vagaries of the market econ
With very coming year tourist cruises by rivers and seas of the Soviet Union become more of attraction for ever greater numbers of Soviet and foreign tourists. Such trips give ample chance to enjoy oneself and pick up new tips on the history and present day of this country.
«The Volga river Cruise» is one of most popular routes. Tourists travel by luxurious river-liners equipped with Sophisticated navigation instruments that enable cruising along any river, reservoir and lake.
— air-conditioned cabins for one, two and three passengers, a reading-hall, music-lounge, concert-hall, solarium, bar restaurant.
YOU ARE WELCOME TO CHOOSE TOURIST ROUTES: Moscow — Kazan — Moscow, Moscow — Petrozavodsk — Saint Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod — Valaam — Saint Petersburg, Moscow — Astrakhan — Moscow, Moscow — Volgograd — Rostov-on-Don, Moscow — Perm — Moscow.
You may have the best of your time traveling by Volga Shipping lines.





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