Ass /asinus/, Horse /equus/
Dromedary /dromedarius/, Ass /asinus/, Horse /equus/
The two sheets right after the story of the camel with the text on the dromedary and the ass and the beginning of the chapter on horses are missing in the Saint Petersburg bestiary and the text continues on sheet 44. The relevant texts in the New York bestiary and the end of the chapter about horses indicate that the missing texts are repetitions of Isidor /XII.I.36. 38, 42—48/.
Separate chapters describing these animals are contained in the bestiary by Pseudo-Hugh /III.21, 22, 23/. The chapter on horses, based on the text by St.Ambrose /V.9.25/, Pliny /VIII.42, 64—66/ and by Solinus /45.5—18/ are used by Isidor to describe the habits and merits of horses. The chapter gives a detailed enumeration of various breeds of horses and their coats. Then follows the narration about all sorts of hybrids and crossbreds in the animal world. Pseudo-Hugh /111.23/ and Brunetto Latini /I.V.88/ describe different famous horses of ancient times while Albert the Great /XXII.I.38/ speaks about different breeds of horses, their ailments and cures for them.





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