The Medieval Bestiary
Lynx /lynx/ 10.2X3.9 cm
The text originates from Isidore /XII.II.20/ who proceeds from Pliny /XXVIII.8.32/. The lynx is a spotted beast, a kind of wolf. They say that his urine hardens into a precious stone called ligurius /”lynx-urins” is lynx’ urine/. For fear that the stone should get into the hands of man, the lynx hides it deep in the sand. To the knowledge that the lynx has acute eyesight, which comes to us from Pliny /XXVIII.8.32/, the bestiary adds that the lynx can see through a wall. The story of the lynx told by Pseudo-Hugh /III.3/ and Brunetto Latini /I.V.193/ does not say more.