Ox /bos/ 10.1X6.5 cm
The chapter on the ox reproduces the text by Isidor /XII.1.30—32/ who repeats Varron saying that the Latins called them «triones» because they walked on the ground /terra/ /VII.74/. The chapter emphasizes the kindness of oxen, their extraordinary sense of comradeship which was mentioned also by St.Ambrose, and says that they feel the approaching rain and can foresee the change of weather /VI.4.20/. There are wild bulls in Germany from whose immense horns people used to drink during a royal feast. Like Isidor, the bestiary gives a brief explanation of the word «cow» /vacca/ and «heifer» /vitula/. Brunetto Latini includes in a chapter about oxen a story of the bonnacon /»bo-vaton»/ and of Indian oxen and bullocks /I.V.179/.