The confluence of two rivers — the Oka and the Volga. “The Spit”

The confluence of two rivers

T he guests of the city are also interested in historic architectural museum-reserve which is one of the best in Russia in richness of its funds; the art museum in which there are collected more than thousand pictures of outstanding Russian artists of XVIII-XX centuries (I.Repin, K.Brullov, N.Kramskoy, A.Savrasov, I.Shishkin V.Vasnetsov, V.Serov, B.Kustodiev, N.Rerich, A.Platov and others); literary memorial museum after Nickolay Dobrolubov. There is also a museum “in the open air”, where there art collected pieces of Russian wooden architecture.

Nizhny Novgorod land is rich in domestic art craft: carving and painting on wood (the famous Khohloma, Gorodets, Pavlov maiden painting), embroidering in gold, treatment of metals and clay, bone lacing, making toys. The creations of people’s art are represented in expositions in the museum of domestic art craft.





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