Concreting of walls of accident localization area is completed at Kursk NPP 2 Unit 2

Concreting of walls of accident localization area has been completed from elevation +8.140 to +14.450 in the reactor building of Kursk NPP 2 Unit 2 (general designer and general contractor is ROSATOM Engineering Division).


The works were performed by Kursk Branch of Trest RosSEM LLC (part of ROSATOM Engineering Division). In less than 24 hours, the specialists of Trest RosSEM LLC, under the guidance of foreman Maxim Lulin, poured 147 cubic meters of monolithic self-compacting concrete of grade В30 F100 W6.

“Walls of accident localization area are a complicated high-density reinforcement structure, so the works for placing the concrete mix require special attention to all the requirements of the organizational and process documentation, as well as standards and rules in the field of atomic energy use”, said Dmitry Nekhoroshkov, deputy director for construction of ASE JSC Kursk Branch.

The walls of the accident localization area is an important element of the containment, which prevents emissions of hazardous substances and ensures radiation safety of the NPP. Completion of concreting of accident localization area makes it possible to pass over to commencement of the most important milestone of national importance – concreting of the floor of accident localization area at elevation + 14.450.






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