Construction of auxiliary reactor building of Unit 1 is completed at Rooppur NPP

At Rooppur NPP (the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, General Designer and General Contractor – ROSATOM Engineering Division), the main concrete works for the construction of auxiliary reactor building, where process instrumentation and control devices of Unit 1 are concentrated, have been completed 8 months ahead of schedule. The facility is included in the ‘nuclear island’.


The construction timeframe of the building was reduced by 241 days thanks to implementation of several RPS-projects, the main of which was ‘Completion of concreting of the auxiliary reactor building cover (10UKC) at elevation +29.050’. Within the project, logistic processes were optimized and workplaces were timely provided with the required resources, first of all, with materials and tools. The average volume of concrete laid by specialists of NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC every month accounted for 1,600 m3 (with scheduled area output of 1,000 m3).

“The pace of work performance, achieved by the specialists of NIKIMT-Atomstroy, while keeping all the stringent requirements for the quality of works, demonstrates the highest potential of Rooppur NPP construction workers. With such degree of our employees’ professionalism, it is safe to say that construction of the first NPP in Bangladesh will be completed within the scheduled dates, despite a range of personal and impersonal difficulties related to the pandemic and complex international situation”, said Alexey Deriy, Vice President of ASE JSC – Project Director for Rooppur NPP Construction.

Reduction of the construction timeframe of auxiliary reactor building allowed reducing the construction cost, first of all, by means of saving a semi-fixed part of overhead costs and making available ahead of schedule a significant number of highly qualified labor resources who have already been engaged in performance of other production tasks.






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