Energy Delta Institute’s training programs fostering competencies for successful implementation of international projects

The 18th meeting of the International Supervisory Board (ISB) of Energy Delta Institute (EDI) and EDI’s annual International Partner Meeting under the theme “The Role of Natural Gas in the Energy Transition” were held in St. Petersburg.

Taking part in the ISB meeting were Sergey Khomyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, Han Fennema, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Nederlandse Gasunie, Annie Krist, CEO of GasTerra, Ruud de Jongh, Vice President for Joint Venture Governance at Shell Netherlands, Marcel Kramer, President of Energy Delta Institute, Jeanet van Dellen, Managing Director of Energy Delta Institute, Gertjan Lankhorst, Director of New Energy Coalition, and Peter Verhoef, Director of the University of Groningen Business School.

The meeting participants discussed the results of EDI’s work in 2018. It was noted that EDI had successfully delivered a number of international educational programs, namely New Energy Realities, Energy Transition and Innovation, International Gas Business and Cooperation, and European Energy Markets. In addition, it had organized a series of master classes: LNG Industry, Small-Scale LNG, and Gas Industry in Western Europe. Some 100 managers and specialists from the Gazprom Group had completed training courses under the above and other programs.

“EDI’s training programs allow the employees of the Gazprom Group to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in key areas of international activities in the energy sector, fostering the professional competencies required in order to successfully implement international projects undertaken by the Company,” said Sergey Khomyakov.

Two panel discussions were held during the International Partner Meeting. The first discussion was focused on assessing the impact of advanced technologies in the field of renewable energy on the energy system as a whole and on its individual sectors. The second discussion was devoted to key issues and changes toward decarbonization in various sectors of energy consumption, as well as the role of natural gas and gas infrastructure.


In 2001, Gazprom and Gasunie put forward the initiative to launch a joint project aimed at exchanging knowledge and experience in the energy sector. The initiative was supported by the Russian and Dutch governments. The project was given the working title of “Gas University.” Later, the University of Groningen joined the project and set up Energy Delta Institute in cooperation with Gasunie, GasTerra, Shell, and other companies.

Since September 2002, experts from Gazprom, Gasunie, Shell, and other companies have been taking training courses under the programs related to strategic development, market relations, and economics of the gas industry.

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