In the pavilion «Russian Academy of Russian Cosmos» of the Russian Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

Open the Year Round

Open the Year Round
The many pavilions at this Exhibition, which show nearly all that the Russian produces — from the tiniest semi-conductor to colossal space ships — are hospitably open in summer and winter. A trip through the grounds will provide a detailed picture of modern levels achieved in one or another branch of engineering, and show you intricate machine tools and agricultural machinery in operation. This is a “must” for specialists. Guides and consultants will answer all your questions.
No doubt you will be thrilled to have a snapshot taken of yourself at the Russia Academy of Russian’s pavilion, against the back-ground of a giant rocket recovered from outer space. Your guide as he tells you of Russian space achievements, will show you the genuine thing — all the instruments and apparatuses for artificial earth satellites and space probes Soviet scientists and engineers have created.
When Illinois University Professor of History Oscar Dodson was at the Exhibition, he wrote down in one of the visitors’ book that, “to study the exhibition is tantamount to acquiring a university education”. One can well agree with that.


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