JSC Atomenergoprom won a prize of Cbonds Awards in the “Green Bonds of the Year” category

JSC Atomenergoprom won a prize of Cbonds Awards in the “Green Bonds of the Year” category for issue of bond series 001P-01. The award ceremony took place at the 19th Russian Bond Congress on December 3.

JSC Atomenergoprom placed the first issue of “green” bonds of series 001P-01 with a nominal volume of RUB 10 bln on June 25, 2021. This was the first placement of a Russian issuer’s bonds to fund renewable energy sources (RES). The resulted funds were channeled to refinance expenditures of the “Wind Energy” program.

The rating agency Expert RA (an independent verifier) confirmed that the issue meets the green bonds principles of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) and provisions of the Methodologic Recommendations for Development of Investment Activities in Green Funding in the Russian Federation VEB.RF. Expert RA also gave the rating of ruAAA to this bond issue.

“It is important for us to participate in development of mechanisms of “sustainable” and “green” financing in Russia that, in turn, supports our strategic priorities in implementation of sustainable (“green”) projects. We seek to maximize the “green” constituent in our product list, which corresponds to the goals of sustainable development. We definitely consider wind generation and nuclear power such “green” activities owing to minimum greenhouse gas emissions. For us, it is important to see that the end user and market as a whole also view our work through the prism of sustainable development, consider our products environment-friendly and oriented for better quality of human living,” Ilya Rebrov, Deputy Director General for Economy and Finance of ROSATOM, noted.

For information:

The issue of bond series 001Р-01 by JSC Atomenergoprom was placed in the framework of the bond series 001P program with volume of up to RUB 100 bln, inclusive. Bond applications were collected on June 22. Investors’ demand for the bonds exceeded offer for more than 8 times. The original coupon interest on a bond was in the range of 7.7% – 7.8%. At the planned placement volume of RUB 10 bln, demand for bonds exceeded RUB 80 bln. Oversubscription allowed reducing the coupon rate and setting interest at 7.5% that corresponds to effective yield of 7.64%. The nominal cost of one bond of the issue is RUB 1,000; the maturity of bonds is 5 years.

Alfa-Bank, VTB Capital, Gazprombank, MKB, Bank Otkrytie, Rosselkhozbank, Sovkombank and Sber SIB were the placement organizers, with Gazprombank being the placement agent. The deal involved all categories of investors: banks, management, investment and insurance companies as well as there was a demand on the part of physical persons.

Cbonds Awards is the annual award which is given to the best participants of the Russian bond market after an open voting where the participants of bond market designate winners. Voting is fully open and has been held since 2006.






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