JSC RASU and LLC Element signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Development of Electronic Component Base

April 16, 2019 – As part of the XI International Forum ATOMEXPO-2019, Joint-Stock Company Rusatom Automated Control Systems (JSC RASU) and Limited Liability Company Element signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) confirming the intentions of the parties to work jointly on development of the Russian microelectronic component base for its future implementation in the high-technology infrastructure, among others, in the control systems and equipment that are used at the nuclear facilities, digital energy facilities and digital economy facilities.

The MoU signed by Andrey Butko, the Chief Executive Officer of JSC RASU, and Iliya Ivantsov, the President of LLC Element, demonstrates that the parties are interested in joining their efforts in developing and manufacturing the Russian electronic component base in order to enhance the level of process safety and energy security in the Russian Federation.


The MoU includes a number of joint organizational activities that aim at the following: drawing up the unified technical policy for unification of the Russian electronic component base; ensuring the interaction with the developers, manufacturers and customers of the electronic component base; involving some basic and applied research institutions that carry out studies on material physics, physics of semiconductors and photonics for development of the Russian electronic component base, as well as the enterprises of radio and electronic industry and the companies within Rosatom State Corporation, while planning research in the field of development and manufacturing of the electronic component base. 

In the nearest time the parties will prepare a detailed road map for development, manufacturing and supply of the Russian electronic component base.

“The MoU, that was signed by our companies, paves the way for our joint collaboration and development of the Russian specialized electronic component base, which could be used while developing some high-tech equipment in the key areas of the JSC RASU business, such as I&C systems and electrical equipment, and for the needs of the overall nuclear industry. We hope that we will make significant steps on the way of ensuring the process safety and independence after we complete the actions of the road map, which is extremely important for achieving the strategic goals that have been planned,” – Andrey Butko said.

“Our companies are joining their resources and efforts to search and provide solutions and develop the competitive Russian specialized electronic component base for the needs of the nuclear industry. In the foreseeable future it will allow to create the efficient environment for solving some practical tasks regarding the development and modernization of the I&C systems and electrical equipment that are used at Rosatom State Corporation facilities, which includes the consistent implementation of the import substitution at the level of the electronic component base. It will also allow us to strengthen the capabilities and experience of our companies”, – the President of LLC Element said.

For information:

JSC Rusatom Automated Control Systems (JSC RASU) is part of Rosatom State Corporation. The company is the integrator of I&C and Electrical Engineering businesses. It accumulates the long-term experience of Rosatom’s enterprises in development of automated control systems and comprehensive electrical engineering solutions. Due to the application of in-house information systems and computer-aided design (CAD) systems, the company continuously improves its performance in I&C operation and maintenance, and automated processes make it possible to reduce the duration of works and improve their quality. RASU performs the full scope of activities, from engineering and design to delivery and commissioning of I&C systems and electrical equipment, at electric power facilities inside and outside Russia.

LLC Element is established by the joint decision of JSFC Sistema and Rostec. It includes 20 leading enterprises of radio and electronic industry that develop and manufacture a wide range of products for electronic component base, as well as microelectronic modules. Our company aims at developing the competitive Russian electronic component base regarding both the general-purpose products and the specialized products for the needs of the largest companies of hi-tech industries, such as Rosatom, Rostec, Roscosmos, Rosseti and the federal telecom operators. The company carries out its activities within the framework of the state import substitution strategy and in order to solve the tasks of developing the digital economy of the Russian Federation. The companies of LLC Element consolidate and concentrate the technological resources, which ensure the complete end-to-end lifecycle including development, manufacturing, technical support and logistics of electronic component base. 

ATOMEXPO international forum is the main event in the global nuclear industry. This is a major expo and business event, a place where the current state of the industry, the challenges and the trends are discussed. The annual forum was first held in 2009. Among the participants, there are top managers of the key players of the global nuclear market – businesses, governmental bodies, international and non-governmental organizations, leading experts. 






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