ROSATOM is again among the best employers in Russia according to the country’s biggest recruitment platform

ROSATOM is yet again among the leaders of the “Best Employers of Russia” of 2021 rating, which was compiled by the HeadHunter recruitment platform. ROSATOM scored the first place among industrial companies in three categories: “Power Engineering, Mining and Raw Materials Processing”, “Industrial Manufacturing” and “Manufacturing and Industrial Companies.” This year, the amount of job seekers, who gave their vote for ROSATOM has increased twice as compared to the previous year.

ROSATOM’s results grew as compared to the previous year indicators. ROSATOM has become the absolute leader in effectiveness of HR processes and engagement of employees (among the largest employers with 5,000 employers and above).

Nina Osovitskaya, Director of Brand Center noted: “Over the last five years, ROSATOM headed the rating of the best employers by HeadHunter twice. It has never been lower than the second place. These are perfect results proving some serious continuous work. The competition for leadership is constantly becoming tougher; the number of participants and runners up increases all the time. In 2021, it increased tremendously: 1,923 companies registered with 783 companies qualifying for the finals. Preserving leading positions in such conditions is a very serious achievement and should be seen as a point of pride. Leaders of the rating are becoming flagships of the business community, which set key trends, develop the labor market and stimulate other employers to become better.”

Tatyana Terentyeva, ROSATOM Deputy Director General for HR commented: “ROSATOM’s leadership position in the rating is a result of the consistent work focused on our core asset – people. We support constant contact with employees, carry out an open dialogue. This feedback helps us create better conditions for comfort work and unlocking potential of each employee’s, including in such a difficult time. We have adopted a human-centricity policy and our goal is to promote it beyond the boundaries of the nuclear industry. The Corporate Academy of ROSATOM jointly with BCG, Higher School of Economics and international organizations have launched a study “Corporate Human-Centricity Index.” The next step will be to create of an industrial community, which will include Russian and international companies and organizations. The world is changing and global goals may be achieved together. It is important to be partners but not competitors by developing the best practices. We invite colleagues to join us in this work.”

For information:

The “Best Employers of Russia” is the major and recognized rating of a country which methodology considers best international practices and where about 2,000 employers participate. The rating organizer is the Russian HR platform The rating has been held since 2010. The rating is based on trilateral analysis of employers: readiness of employees to recommend the company as the employer (40% of total estimate); wish of candidates to work in the company, as asked by website (40% of total estimate); the company HR specialists’ data which are the basis for assessment of its HR function (20% of total estimate). The three independent estimates are summed up as per their weight and determine the final standing of a company. In 2021 the assessment methodology as to attitude of an employee towards employer has not changed. The poll of candidates strictly traced votes of employees of companies. Thus, the rating organizers bordered estimates of external and internal audiences.






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