Russian exports

Soviet exports
Obuv Firm – import of footwear;

Odezhda Firm – import of clothing;

Trikotazh Firm – import of knitwear and hosiery;

Galaimtereya Firm – import of leather, textile, metal accessories and other haberdashery, scarves, shawls, ties, umbrellas, buttons, head-gear, embroidery, ladies’ foundation garments, stationery;

Kulttovary Firm – export and import of toys, upright and grand pianos, organs, harmoniums, educational and visual aids; export of stationery;

Sporttovary Firm – export and import of sports goods, hunting guns, sports rifles, pistols, revolvers, cartridges, cartridge shells, leadshot, hunting accessories;

Legpromintorg Firm – export of the light industry goods of the Association’s list of nomenclature and import of completing accessories and auxiliary materials to them;

Farfor Firm – export and import of enamelware, galvanized ware, tinware, aluminium ware, nickel-plated ware, china, fience, plastic tableware, jerry cans, household articles;

Assortiment Firm – commercial operations connected with the purchase and sale of samples and collections of goods, arrangement and sponsoring of the examination and selection of import and export goods.





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