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  • Alexandr Alexandrovich Yurlov (1927-1973)

    Alexandr Alexandrovich Yurlov (1927-1973), pupil of A.V. Sveshnikov, choral conductor, music figure, People`s Artist of the RSFSR.

  • Alexandr Vassilyevich Sveshnikov (1889-1980).

    Alexandr Vassilyevich Sveshnikov (1889-1980), choral conductor, music figure. Teacher of choral conducting (1944-1974, sicne 1946 – professor), rector (1948-1974). People`s Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labour, Laureate of the Lenin and State Prizes.

  • Georgy Antonovich Orvid (1904-1980).

    Georgy Antonovich Orvid (1904-1980), trumpeter, music figure. Teacher of trumpet (1931-1980, since 1941 – professor), deputy director for scientific and educational work (1948-1954). People`s Artist of the RSFSR.

  • Konstantin Solomonovich Saradzhev (1877-1954).

    Konstantin Solomonovich Saradzhev (1877-1954), violinist, conductor, music figure. Professor of conducting, taught orchestral and choral classes (1922-1938). People`s Artist of the Armenian SSr. Together with his pupils. B.E. Khaikin, A.M. Braginsky, K.S. Saradzhev, Yu. M. Timofeyev, L.M. Ginzburg