The Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority issued a license for production of core catchers for the units of Paks-2 NPP

On June 30, 2022, the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority (OAH) issued a production license allowing to start production of the two core melt localization devices for the new units of Paks-2 NPP.

The Core Melt Localization Device (CMLD, or “core catcher”) is one of the most important elements of the passive safety system of generation “3+” power units. “Core catcher” is a a cylindrical container in the form of a steel cone weighing several hundred tons, which in the event of a severe accident reliably holds the core melt fragments and does not allow them to escape beyond the reactor building containment. The “core catcher” has maximum safety characteristics: increased seismic resistance, hydrodynamic and impact strength.

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The Paks-2 nuclear power plant project is being implemented on the basis of the Russian-Hungarian intergovernmental agreement of January 14, 2014, and three basic contracts of December 9, 2014, for the construction of the new plant. The Paks-2 NPP will be built on a turnkey basis. Units 5 and 6 have a guaranteed lifetime of 60 years. The general contractor is JSC ASE, the Engineering division of ROSATOM.






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